A.What size do I wear?

Answer: If you are acquainted with compression fit shirts then order your normal size or one smaller. If between sizes order the smaller of the two. Wearing a size smaller ensures that the sleeve is tight enough to trap heat and supply proper compression.

B. How quick will we ship the shirt?

Answer: Orders received before 4:30 CST will be shipped that day.

C. How am I supposed to wash and dry the shirt?

Answer: Wash cold and hang dry

D. How does the shirt hold up throughout the season?

Answer: Our shirt is made in the USA and is built to last. It holds up great through the season.

F. What is the thermal-sleeve made out of?

Answer: Our sleeve is made of a performance neoprene

G. What is our return policy for wrong sized shirts?

Answer: If you order the wrong shirt or wrong size shirt you can send it back and we will send you the correct replacement. You will only be charged shipping for the new shirt.

H. What is our return policy on defective shirts?

Answer: You can call and we will ship the new shirt out same day.

I. How many shirts do I have to order to get team pricing?

Answer: Our team pricing starts at 5 shirts.

K. Do I have to go through a dealer or can I buy Direct on Team Orders?

Answer: If you live in a dealer area you will need to go through them. If you don't we can fulfill your team needs in house.