Corey Hart- Milwaukee Brewers- 2 Time All Star-"I went from thinking there is no way I can play to feeling great by just wearing Shoulder Shield. It gave my shoulder such stability that I forgot I was hurt."

Brian Dozier- Minnesota Twins Organization - " I throw every single day for seven months out of the year in different environments and weather conditions. So me and my teammates are always looking for an edge to keep us healthy enough to play every day and the shoulder shield is that edge that keeps my arm loose and healthy during long innings, long games, and even the long season."

Lisa Norris-2010 National Pro Fastpitch Pitcher of the Year- "Being an athlete that has thoracic outlet syndrome, the Shoulder Shield has helped me with the circulation in my arm, warm up faster and stay warm longer, and has really kept down the inflammation in my arm. I would recommend this product to any athlete, not just ones that are injured or has thoracic outlet syndrome but any and all athletes."

LaTroy Hawkins-Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher-"Before my shoulder surgery, I searched for something to keep my arm nice and warm so I could stay loose. Well I didn't find that until after surgery! Shoulder Shield was God sent to me and other people with shoulder issues, thanks to Shoulder Shield for adding a few more years to my career."

Tim Dillard- Milwaukee Brewers -"The Shoulder Shield is the perfect way to keep your arm loose and ready to throw. As a bullpen pitcher in professional baseball you have to be at your very best at any given moment.  The Shoulder Shield gives me that edge."

Steve Dillard- Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs,  Chicago White Sox,  Detroit Tigers- " My career was cut short due to several shoulder injuries; I wish the Shoulder Shield had been around back then and maybe I would have had a few more good years."