Shoulder Shield Endorsed by Sports Greats

Shoulder Shield LLC , a Mississippi company, has received major endorsements by College Baseball Hall of Famer Ron Polk and 2-time Major League Baseball All-Star Corey Hart. Founded in 2010, Shoulder Shield is the manufacturer of a therapeutic athletic shirt with a thermal sleeve that promotes healing, reduces swelling and recovery time by increasing blood flow through the shoulder or elbow. The technology was invented by company owner Brian Boatner out of necessity after an injury sidelined him during college baseball.

After sharing his product with friends, Boatner was encouraged to take the product to the athletic market. After securing a Mississippi manufacturer and a patent on the product, Boatner began his efforts to distribute the product. In just 14 short months, the emerging company has seen some real success.

Ron Polk an inductee into the College Baseball Hall of Fame and a former coach of the Team USA, was introduced to the product and tested it with collegiate players. "One of the biggest challenges we have as coaches is keeping our players' arms healthy," said Coach Polk. "The Shoulder Shield addresses issues and will protect your player's arms during play. I recommend the Shoulder Shield to coaches and players at all levels."

Most recently, the company delivered their product to 2-time Major League All-Star Corey Hart with the Milwaukee Brewers. A nagging shoulder injury put Hart on the disabled list earlier this season. The Shoulder Shield helped Corey get back on the field with the Brewers. Hart wears Shoulder Shield every game and he had this to say about Shoulder Shield "I went from thinking there's no way I can play to feeling great by just wearing Shoulder Shield, It gave my shoulder such stability that forgot I was hurt."

Company officials hope that endorsements like these coupled with a solid product will help the company rocket to success. But, they are not resting on these endorsements and you can expect major announcements concerning the company soon.